How to became a Expert Flux partner?

We are looking for incorporated partners outside Brazil, to increase Expert Flux’s potential around the world!

Interested? We’ll show you what is Expert Flux and why it’s so amazing!

Expert Flux is a development platform that works without coding, this means you can program any software you need without any programming knowledge, or if your a professional developer, Expert Flux is here to help you program ever faster, to have more clients and deliver even more!

Expert flux creates cloud web applications. This means that any computer connected to the web can access your software. You can control who can access what using logins and passwords. Security is built-in into your software.

Our platform was developed to work as a human mind. It’s a platform developed to work without programming, so you create software with images, icons, arrows and properties. All of this forms flowcharts, fluxograms.

Flux, Expert: Every thing expert flux does is done inside a flux.

A flux (also called a process) is like a fluxogram, only that it involves people (also called actors) and data. You chose and actor and creates paths for him to walk into. These paths leads to rooms. In each of these rooms, your actor will do something, like opening a form or printing a report.

Real solutions for real problems. Expert flux has strong roots. It is already being used to create complex software, sometimes with thousands of validations and business rules and hundreds of forms and database tables.

For years we’ve been speciallizing on insurance companies so we can always deliver the best and most secure software, along those years we developed Expert Flux and SuperKit CASE, together they are capable of much more than just working on insurance business. Those software are funtional on any kind of business.

Take a look at our Pitch Deck to understand more about us as a company:

Our next step is to promote Expert Flux worldwide. For that, we’re looking for new partners! If you are incorporated outside the South America, we are creating special licensing plans of Expert Flux for you, to make your processes easier! We can work together to help your business grow faster for a low license price.

Why are we doing this?

We want your business to create software for your clients with Expert Flux! We want you to have more clients because of Expert Flux high flexibility and customization when it comes to creating a software the easiest way!

Here you can see a screenshot of Expert Flux creating a process:


Expert Flux is easy as click and drag! Our software development platform was created with top range technology so you do have to use only templates that are found online to create a cloud web application.

Expert Flux is an innovative platform, and also understands BPM, that means Expert Flux connects process to people, the easiest way! Imagine being able to create tables, charts and more, without complication, just the way you need it! Creating a cloud web app with our developement platform makes it fast and easy!

Contact us if you want to became a Expert Flux partner!