24 May, 2018

Get your ideias out of paper!

Expert Flux can help you create the software you need!

Expert Flux was developed to create any software you may need! Expert Flux doesn’t use code, so programming knowledge isn’t required! Start creating software and gain freedom to maintain, update or configure an existing software for free!

Expert Flux is already being used to develop great projects, sometimes with thousands of validations, business rules and hundreds of forms and database tables! It’s a powerful development platform with strong roots! Ready to help you develop faster and without complications!



Expert flux creates cloud web applications. This means that any computer connected to the web can access your software. You can control who can access what using logins and passwords. Security is built-in into your software!

We are experienced software engineers, trained to provide you the best intelligence solution! Our services allow you to choose, do you want to contact us and let us do the creation or do you want to build all of your software?


Great ideas start with Expert Flux
Great ideas start with Expert Flux


Expert Flux is about freedom! Our development platform is exclusive and unique just like you and your company! That’s why we have the most capacity to make the best software for you.

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