Common questions & anwers about our software.

We like to picture Expert Flux as a sentient, living organism.

  • Our being – What is Expert Flux?
  • Our Creative Brain Side
  • Our muscle
  • Our Network
  • Our Brain Calculator
  • Why do we use inverted words, like Qualification:

Our being – What is Expert Flux?

Our Creative Brain Side

How does Expert Flux really works? Here you will find the ideas behind our software.
Flux, Expert: Every thing expert flux does is done inside a flux.
A flux (also called a process) is like a fluxogram, only that it involves people (also called actors) and data. You chose and actor and creates paths for him to walk into. These paths leads to rooms. In each of these rooms, your actor will do something, like opening a form or printing a report. Vou precisar colocar imagens e/ou links para videos aqui, é importante que exista essa possibilidade na manutenção do site

Information. Database. Knowledge. Power.
The Greeks believed that all things were made of atoms . In fact this word means “indivisible”. In Expert Flux, every piece of information is made of atoms called UI’s. A UI stands for “Unity of Information”. You can group UI’s to form “molecules” called UD’s, or “Unity of Data”. You now can use those UD’s to create database tables, fields in a form, columns in a report, parameters in a web service…

Qualification: Total = (Data. Information. Database. Power.) 2
About 50% of software work is Validation. Imagine validating every user input, every information that comes from an invalidated database, in effect every information that enters your system. In Expert Flux, validation is called Qualification: Total and is built-in in our UI’s, our UD’s, our tables, our paths… in everything.

The infinite library.
Imagine an infinite library with infinite rooms, infinite forms, infinite UI’s and UD’s, infinite tables… That’s the library. That’s where you create all your expert objects. You already know actors, tables, rooms and forms. There’s more: Flux QT’s, to create flux-specific validation; Niches, which are groups of tables; Databases, where your data will reside; Infos (short for informations), where you can create user functions; External Calls, which are used to connect to external systems and Deploys, who manage and control software execution.

Our muscle

Discover the how Expert Flux gives form to our ideas in a real world.

Our Network

Enter the marvelous world of software users, environments, servers, complaints, bugs…

Our Brain Calculator

BPM and what the hell is it

Why do we use inverted words, like Qualification:

Total and “Unity of Information”?

Because names have POWER. An UI is an IDEA. Qualification: Total is an IDEA. Calling it “Total Qualification” or “Information Unity” will unempower those IDEAS. And no, we don’t have a Yoda complex. False that absolutely is.