The expert flux

Expert flux is an exciting new way of creating software. Using images and arrows, icons and properties, you can create your own software without programming knowledge.


Real solutions for real problems. Expert flux has strong roots. It is already being used to create complex software, sometimes with thousands of validations and business rules and hundreds of forms and database tables.

We face real world problems, not only simple examples or simple problems. Think BIG. And user are complex people, too. They have pressing needs and problems that should be solved in minutes and hours, not days and weeks. Think BIG. Think FAST. Think Expert Flux.

Even if you aren’t a carpenter, you could hammer a nail or two to repair a broker chair. However, even the most intelligent human being can’t repair (or create) even a simple piece of software if he does not know a computer language. With expert Flux, we hope to solve that.

Expert flux creates cloud web applications. This means that any computer connected to the web can access your software. You can control who can access what using logins and passwords. Security is built-in into your software.


Expert Flux is about freedom. Create and maintain your own software, or configure an existing software to fit your needs. And since expert flux deals with ideas, it is independent of the current state of technology.
People and companies have spent millions of dollars converting DOS programs to windows, and then converting windows programs to WEB and at this very moment are spending more $$$ o convert all to cell phones.

Expert flux can be used to anyone, anytime, anywhere. You can use it as a person, as a company, small or large, government or not. You can create software and sell it, donate it, or simply use it to yourself. We will encourage people to share their objects and creations. We hope to create a strong user community. Join our forum today!

Please stay tuned with our site because every week there will be new material on software development. We plan to have tutorials on every aspect of software development, not only using expert flux, but to understand how PEOPLE react to software. We are development experts. But our greatest goal is to demystify software development, by turning YOU into a development expert.